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Working femalesKofi Annan UN Secretary- general discussed that there is no effective tool to achieve development except women’s empowerment. For its chief proponents, empowerment is a humanistic device to increasingly being viewed as one of the key con- constituent elements of the poverty reduction strategy. It is not only seen as a development objective in itself but as a means of promoting growth, re- during poverty and promoting better governance (World Bank, 2001).Working females are not only contributing to the national income, but also plays a vital role to maintain a sustainable livelihood of the communities and families. Females in the western countries play a larger role in improving the income of their countries than the females living in poor and backward areas like Pakistan. In developing countries like Pakistan, especially in the rural areas, unfortunately females are still facing many legal barriers, socio- cultural attitude, lack of education and personal difficulties. The problem of poverty cannot be resolved without money as money generates money or service generates money. The problem is that most females do not have access to finance to start their business to meet their needs and to overcome poverty. In the past, the resources of financing were limited, but now globally, women are being supported. Several programs served the women by providing them with financing. Microfinance is one of the financial services that targets small borrowers especially women. According to the Official Report on Strategic Framework for Sustainable Microfinance in Pakistan, there is interest on the Pakistani government and state bank of Pakistan to promote women’s empowerment in Pakistan. This report highlights the importance of microfinance institutions in Pakistan. Since 2000, Pakistan has supported microfinance institutions to empower women. In Pakistan, the microfinance sector is underdeveloped and is relatively young.

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